House design and building does take considerable research and planning. We are here to help with that aspect, including preparation of house plans. Keep in mind that build and design can be quite time consuming, and may be a strain on you and your family if you try to do too much yourself. It is a big job in itself just to do the new home plans, oversee construction and deal with the numerous, sometimes complex, situations involved in design and build. We are here to help and can simplify this process for you.

You can hire the services of Thames Construction in Oxford to take care of a wide range of carpentry requirements.
In Oxford, get in touch with us for durable, efficient work.
Thames Construction will get you set up today! With our services, you can finally get the loft of your dreams. Our prices are low, and your house will also increase in value. Not interested in selling? A loft can still be a relaxing and fun room for your family. Sometimes change can be good, and perhaps a loft is the perfect addition to your home.
Many people in today's housing market are frightened by the big difference in value between their current property and the next step up. Maybe it is the difference between a 2 and 3 bedroomed house, or maybe you now work from home and are need of a home office or study, and a house with a study downstairs can be a considerable amount of money. When you consider the costs involved in having an extension, it may seem more sensible to consider having an extension than moving home.
Let us get the job done right the first time, and you can save some money. You deserve quality and efficiency for your construction needs. Call today on 01491 837306 to fix a meeting with us. Our experts will answer any questions that you may have. Let Thames Construction make plastering and screeding in Oxford as painless for you as possible.
We pride ourselves on high quality workmanship giving professional attention to all our customers both commercial and residential, large or small. All our painting and decorating staff are able to provide the highest quality of workmanship. We operate both in the commercial and residential sectors.